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The 33rd Annual International Dinner & Performance Night

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The University YMCA & The International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS) present the 33rd Annual International Dinner & Performance Night. Join us for a fun-filled night with family and friends, featuring food from all over the world and entertaining performances from community and campus members.

Sunday, March 13, 2016, 6pm to 8pm
University YMCA | Latzer Hall
1001 S. Wright St, Champaign, IL

Tickets on sale now by online reservation for $16 (see form below) and for $15 if purchased at the front desk of the University YMCA
. (Checks should be made payable to the University YMCA). Tickets sell fast and space is limited; please plan to purchase your tickets well in advance.




Mixed Motions
Korean K-Pop Dance

Nepali Student Association
Traditional Nepalese Dance

Jasmine Field Orchestra
Traditional Chinese music

Jean René Balekita and Bomoyi

The University YMCA and ISSS is also pleased to announce Jean René Balekita and Bomoyi as the performance headliner for the evening. Jean René Balekita and Bomoyi is a professional musical ensemble featuring Congolese rumba with flavors of gospel, jazz and African rhythms. Bomoyi means “life” in the native language of Lingala. In addition to Lingala they sing in English, French, Kikongo, Swahili and Tshiluba. Well known in the Congo, Jean René Balekita and Bomoyi have recently gained enthusiastic audiences in the United States.


Image of Volunteer Cooks

Dish Country Kind
Biryani Pakistan Main Dish
Green Plantains Dominican Republic Main Dish
GuLao Chicken China Main Dish
Kung Pao Chicken China Main Dish
Vietnamese Egg Rolls Vietnam Main Dish
Yellow Rice with Sweet Soy Chicken Indonesia Main Dish
Pasta Fredda Italy Main Dish
Pulihora (lemon & tamarind rice) India Main Dish
Yogurt Rice India Main Dish
Filipino Spaghetti Philipines Main Dish
Chicken Chawal Pakistan Main Dish
Cari Thon Mauritius Main Dish
Feijoada with rice Brazil Main Dish
Vegan Pita with Humus Isreal Main Dish
Llapingachos Ecuador Main Dish
Stomach of the Pork China Main Dish
Braised Chicken with Potato & Pepper China Main Dish
Biryani India Main Dish
Kimbap South Korea Main Dish
Nan Gyi Thohk Myanmar Main Dish
Bitz Kuchen Germany Dessert
Passion Fruit Mousse Brazil Dessert
Cookies America Dessert
Galaktoboureko Greece Dessert
Mandazi (African Donuts) Kenya Dessert
Pavlova Australia Dessert
Mango Kulfi India Dessert


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