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International Dinner

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31st Annual
International Dinner & Performance Night

Featuring food from over 20 countries and performances by local musicians and dancers!

Sunday, March 9, 2014, 6-8 PM
University YMCA | Latzer Hall
Tickets: $10, On sale now at the University YMCA
Tickets may be purchased at the front desk of the University YMCA.



Greece Main Spanakopita
Philippines Main Bam-E
Philippines Dessert Philippine Fruit Salad
Malaysia Dessert Sago Pudding with Gula Melaka
Kenya Main Githeri (Corn and Beans)
Kenya Dessert Maandazi
Korea Main Bulgogi (Grilled Marinated Beef)
Korea Dessert Sikhye (Korean Sweet Rice Beverage)
India Main Chole Masala
Poland Dessert Nalesniki (Polish Crepes)
Brazil Dessert Passion Fruit Mousse
Italy Main Foccacia
Japan Main Noodles w/ Meat & Vegetables
Puerto Rico Main Arroz con gandules
Bangladesh Main Chotpoti
Spain Main Pa amb tomaca y jamon serrano
Mexico Dessert Buneolos
China Main Ji Si Liang Mein
China Main Sour & Sweet Pork Steak
Greece Main Beef with peas
Haiti Main Diri kole ak pwa (Rice and beans with crumble pf cod)
Italy Main Lasagna
Japan Main Chirashi-zushi
Japan Main Yakisoba Noodle
South Africa Main Beans
Spain Main Tortilla de patatas (Spanish omlette)
Kenya Main Kenyan Chicken Salad
Phillipines Main TBA
India Main Samosa
China Dessert Wan Gao (Puffy rice cake)
Haiti Dessert Benye/ Beignets/ Fritters
India Dessert Gulab Jamun (Fried dough balls in sugar syrup with a hint of rose and cardomom)
Ukraine Dessert Apple Cake
China Main Green Garlic Chicken
China Main Red cooked chicken wings
Vietnam Main Goi ga
Israel Main TBA



Dinner Entertainment

Ben Wheeler's new album "Mountains of Tongues: Musical Dialects of the Caucasus" will be featured as guests find their seats. 

Aurora Villacorta (Miss V)-  Y Community Sing-Along

Announcement of the John Price AWARD

Presentation of Cooks


Dance Mission (wad)- West African Dance featuring Mack Umbe and Victor Aronganyi

UIUC Hillel's Jew Kids On The Block- performing "Nachamu," a Hebrew song 
Mayank Kabra- performing Indian classical percussion on the Tabla

Ben Wheeler-traditional instrumental music from the Caucasus, specifically Azerbaijan and Georgia.  

Japan Intercultural Network- performing Soran, a traditional fishermen song which originated in Hokkaido, Japan. It comes with its own dance, including moves that depict rope pulling, ocean waves, and lifting luggage over the shoulders.

Hathaways & Tom Turino- Recently back from another tour in Peru, the trio performs traditional Andean music from Peru, Bolivia, and Argentina with kena (Andean flute), charango (a small Andean guitar), guitar, and vocals. The trio presents a variety of song and dance genres to demonstrate the richness of Andean mestizo music.






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