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Dump & Run

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What is it?

Dump and Run keeps multiple semi-trailers worth of used, but quality goods out of Champaign-Urbana’s dumpsters and landfills each year. This project reduces litter and consumer waste, saves space in landfills, lowers dumping costs for certified housing and apartments, provides inexpensive items for folks to purchase in the fall - and acts as a major fundraiser for the University YMCA.

On May collection days, the University YMCA collects reusable items from move out and spring-cleaning. Bring accepted items to the University YMCA from May 12-23.

The BIG SALE is on August 23 and 24 at the U of I Stock Pavilion.

Volunteer 6+ hours for first dibs during the August pre-sale. Sign up now to volunteer or learn more by visiting our Dump & Run: Volunteer page.

When are upcoming collections and sale?

May 2014 Collection Days (at University YMCA):

Monday, May 12- Wednesday, May 14: 9am-4pm
Thursday, May 15: 9am-6pm
Friday, May 16- Saturday, May 17: 9am-4pm
Monday, May 19- Wednesday, May 21: 9am-4pm
Thursday, May 22: 9am-6pm
Friday, May 23: 9am-4pm

August 2014 Collection Days (at U of I Stock Pavilion):

Wednesday, August 13th: 8:30am-12pm and 4-6pm
Thursday, August 14th: 8:30am-12pm and 4-6pm
Friday, August 15th: 8:30am-12pm and 4-6pm
Saturday, August 16th: 9am-12pm


Saturday, August 23:
8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. $2 admission
Sunday, August 24:
11:00am - 2:00 p.m.: $3 bag sale and 1/2 price furniture
2:30-4:00 p.m.: "Free sale"


What can I donate?

We collect furniture, dishes, glassware, pots & pans, small household appliances, computers, electronics, bicycles, office & school supplies, nearly-new clothing, books, toiletries, lawn & garden, artwork, vinyl & cds, musical instruments, sporting equipment & other household goods.

We do NOT collect televisions, paint, child/infant car seats, stoves, washers, dryers, non-working electronics & computer parts, sleeper sofas, mattresses, televisions, or large exercise equipment.

The University YMCA reserves the right to refuse any donation offered, based on but not limited to, its size, weight, and condition

Where can I drop off items during May Collections?

Bring all accepted items to the University YMCA at 1001 S. Wright Street, Champaign

Where can I drop off items during August Collections?

The U of I Stock Pavilion at 1402 W. Pennsylvania

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Where is the sale located?

The U of I Stock Pavilion at 1402 W. Pennsylvania

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