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Faizi Tofighi


Treasurer, Student Board

My name is Faizi Tofighi and I am a freshman at the U of I studying Mathematics & Computer Science who calls Chicago home. At the university, I am involved in various clubs and activities, including as the treasurer and soon-to-be VP of Interfaith in Action. I have a passion for bringing people together through intercultural and interfaith activities as I believe those are powerful facets through which people of vastly different backgrounds can learn to understand and appreciate each other.

I would like to be a StuBo Officer because I believe the other members of the StuBo are some incredible people that do lots of amazing work for their respective RSOs. For such a reason I believe it is important to make sure there are enough officers to keep the StuBo alive and well. I would specifically be most interested in being the Treasurer as I've already gained some experience with the duties and responsibilities required through my work in Interfaith in Action.

Faizi Tofighi