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Student Board

Since our founding in 1873, students have had a powerful voice in leading our Association. The Student Board includes representatives from our various student organizations and programs. Some then are elected to our operating board, the Board of Governors.

Two college students standing with a sign for their organization: the Rural Area Student Initiaive.

What is Student Board?

The Student Board of the University YMCA (StuBo) represents student perspectives and facilitates student engagement and leadership development opportunities at the YMCA of the University of Illinois, and is a space that facilitates collaboration among students at the YMCA.

StuBo is composed of current students who represent, lead and participate in a number of University YMCA programs and initiatives. These include (but are not limited to): Y affiliated registered student organizations (YRSOs), the Bailey Scholarship Program, University YMCA’s internship programs, student workers, and University YMCA residents. All Y students are invited to participate in StuBo.

Each Y affiliated student organization must select at least one (1) student as its representative on StuBo. The procedure for this selection is to be determined by each group.

The Student Board selects officers each year from among its members, who are willing and able to serve for one (1) academic year: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Membership Director

What does Student Board do?

The Student Board is the official body representing the diverse student perspectives and interests affiliated with the University YMCA. It supports and promotes collaboration among the various student organizations affiliated with the Association.

From its members, each year StuBo nominates students to serve as full members on the Association's Board of Governors. The StuBo President serves on that Board's Executive Committee.

StuBo makes guiding recommendations to the Board of Governors regarding which student organizations should be invited to formally affiliate with the University YMCA.

Student membership dues are set aside for StuBo's use.

You can find the Student Board Bylaws here.

Diverse group of university students standing together with matching t-shirts.

Represented Y Student Organizations

Student Board Officers

Amy Herrera
Membership Director, Student Board
Bailey Witter
Member, Student Board
Charlie Dilman
Member, Student Board
Desiree Rios

Desiree Rios


Member, Student Board
Eric Vargas
Member, Student Board
Faizi Tofighi
Treasurer, Student Board
Jenny Herrera
Member, Student Board
Kev Murphy

Kev Murphy


President, Student Board
Kristina Serrano
Member, Student Board
Lily Rybka

Lily Rybka


Vice President, Student Board
Mickey Castigador
Member, Student Board
Ria Bawiskar

Ria Bawiskar


Member, Student Board
Sophie Chiewtrakoon
Member, Student Board
Will Schermer
Secretary, Student Board
Zeina Ammar
Member, Student Board

Student Board Calendar

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