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Meet the Faces of the University YMCA.

Drawn from different communities and joined by one mission. We invest our gifts in work that matters.

Meet Our Staff

Akua Forkuo-Sekyere
Director, New American Welcome Center
Amy Whelpley
DOJ Accredited Representative, NAWC
Belinda Guillen
Immigrant Family Services Manager
Bonnie Ward

Bonnie Ward


Intercultural Development Trainer, NAWC
Daniela Vergara

Daniela Vergara

She, her, hers, ella, elle

Legal Services Director, NAWC
Grecia Valdivia
Immigration Legal Assistant, NAWC
Hui-Chung 'June' Hsieh
Chinese Community Worker, NAWC
Huiqing Zhang
Grants Finance Manager, NAWC
Jennifer Romine
Office Manager/Bailey Program Administrator
Jinseon Kim
Korean Community Worker, NAWC
Kevin Hines
Maggie Kosterman
Grants & Special Projects Coordinator, NAWC
Marc Alexander

Marc Alexander


Director of Development and Membership
Roger Master

Roger Master


Sandry Rodriguez

Sandry Rodriguez


Community Worker - Latine Community, NAWC
Sydney Curts
Director of Studentd Leadership and Engagement
Xinyao Guo

Xinyao Guo


Grants Finance Assistant and Community Worker, NAWC
Yazmin Fernandez
Latine Community Worker, NAWC

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Meet Our Student Staff

Gracie Holmes
Grants & Special Projects Intern, NAWC
Hugo Vasquez
Front Desk Worker
Julie Rodriguez
Immigrant Outreach Intern, NAWC
Kat Carranza Bahena
Grants & Special Projects Intern, NAWC
Leslie Guachichullca
Immigrant Outreach Intern, NAWC
Maritza Dominguez
Legal Services Intern, NAWC
Mickey Castigador
Student Worker
Nixie Lopez Leon
Special Projects Intern, NAWC
Norma Grabauskaite
Legal Services Intern, NAWC
Paul Rampersaud
Legal Services Intern, NAWC