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Kev Murphy


President, Student Board

I am Kev Murphy (They/Them) is a Junior at UIUC studying History and Political Science with a minor in Secondary Education. They work at the Urbana Park District and can be found biking to all their various commitments in the campus and community. Kev first got involved with the Y through Amnesty International and is currently the Vice President. They served on the Y’s 150th Anniversary Planning Committee which introduced them to the bigger picture of the Y’s impact. They are now the current Student Board President and are excited to continue to be a part of the great work at the Y.

When I first started coming to the Y, I never saw it as something more than a building. This past year I have grown to call it part of my home. The Y is much more than the building Amnesty meets; it is a place where communities come together and change is fostered. I have had the pleasure of finding this community on campus, as many are oblivious to the great work that happens here. I would love to get more involved with the Y and have enjoyed my time helping out the 150th Anniversary Planning Committee. Having a role as a StuBo Officer would allow me to have a bigger role at the Y and hopefully make a greater impact. I really like the direction StuBo is heading with not just being the affiliated organizations stating their events and instead focusing on student engagement and collaboration. I would love to keep this change going and try to get more of the students involved in StuBo and also in general work to bring more students to the Y. Additionally, serving on the Board of Governors would allow me to have a greater impact and voice in a place I care for dearly.

Kev Murphy