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Mickey Castigador


Student Worker

Mickey Castigador (he/him/his) is an undergraduate student in the department of Landscape Architecture. Mickey first found out about the YMCA through the aromatic wafts of delicious, buttery Pad Thai emanating from the grandeur halls of the University Y's very own Y-Thai restaurant.

The Y's dark-academia flavor (especially those of Latzer Hall in the mid-afternoon with the ceiling lights unlit) had been a lovely atmosphere for many of Mickey's routine academic toil, and continues to be for the many diligent students that this Y serves. He's elated to call the University YMCA (and their wonderful people) his home-away-from-home, and has been a fan of the Y and its Pad Thai ever since.

He is a total force of nature. Watch out, litterbugs.

Mickey Castigador