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Ria Bawiskar


Member, Student Board

Ria Bawiskar is a sophomore at UIUC studying CS + Econ and minoring in Political Science. She currently serves as the Outreach Chair of Engineers Without Borders. Other RSOs she is involved in on campus include the Flippin' Illini gymnastics club for two years, LAS Leaders where she gets to represent the college of LAS at events, and Illini Watchers, a fun movie club! Some of her hobbies include reading and baking.

When asked to describe herself, Ria says, "I think of myself as a very goal-oriented, and peer-driven person, meaning I work best in a group of similarly motivated people, whether it be academically, career-wise, or athletics." She also reflected on some interesting experiences she has had a part in here at U of I which included working for the Center for South Asian and Middle Eastern Studies to maintain and update their website, giving the Land Acknowledgement at the LAS Alumni Awards, and hosting EWB's first annual 5k with over 100 attendees!

Ria Bawiskar